The idea that nothing is original is not something new. Not for the times we’re currently living and not for any other older times. It’s just that in this era it’s easier to recognize it.
Even though it applies to all fields, from sales to arts, understanding it from the point of view of replica watches makes it even more interesting to follow. It’s like it opens up a whole new perspective for considering what replica watches have to offer to the ones that wear them.
In this post we’ll cover some of the sides of why when nothing is original, everything is original. Because we need to get philosophical from time to time just to get to healthy conclusions. On anything.

My Example

When I was a teenager I used to street dance all day long. It was not only me. I remember it was a whole group of us doing it and it all started after seeing nice moves on TV. Curiosity and enthusiasm brought us close to it and we all thought in chorus “Do you think we can do that?”. The unanimous answer was, of course, “We can do it even better”. 

Our first shows were all about copying all the interesting moves we’d be seeing in movies and dance competitions. It was like a step we had to go through to feel the need of creating something new. Meaning only after we’ve used and perhaps perfected some “copied” moves we got to the need of originality.

This is just my story or how I first had contact with being authentic or not. Yet I’m sure it’s just one of many, in various areas of life.

More or less, the same thing is happening with watches: once there are few designs loved and spread around the world – they don’t even have to be a part of a brand – copies of them will appear at every corner. Not to mention the huge variety of rolex look alikes or other brand replicas.


Always Debate

There are also situations in which the copied version turns out to be better than the first version. 

We are surrounded by such situations all over and from our point of view both versions are original. 

Another common example are movies. Ratings for The Godfather I are not as good as The Godfather II and it’s said that the only difference between them was that the second one had more budget. It’s like they needed the first one to know how to improve the second one.

Evolution is based on improving the already existent ways of life. So how couldn’t a second edition be better than the first one? In the end they’re two original ideas that will give birth to a third one and so on. It’s a cycle.


Is Original subjective or objective?

If I first discover the second edition will I consider it the authentic version? Most probably yes, and it will also remain my favorite. Just like in the movie Manifesto (2015), we agree that what matters most is what speaks directly to your heart.

Therefore my subjectivity can be your objectivity and the whole matter can turn pretty fast into a philosophical debate. And when the final purpose is to wear or not to wear a beautiful 1:1 replica watch, philosophy can’t find room for discussion.

Replica watches are original in the sense that they’re unique. They might have the same aspect as a well-known product, but the way they were made and the effort put into them are a lot more different. It’s actually what makes them different.

We all take something that’s already out there and in order to make it ours we somehow put our imprint on it, just like directly speaking from your soul.

Small Details

From my experience, I’ve found more defining details in replica watches than in affordable original ones. And I’m no outsider. Not saying the details were better done, it’s just they were more on my taste than the brand watch. On the other hand, any brand passionate will notice the smallest differences in the details. 

Certainly replica watches are a niche and niches seem to be reaching the top. And now we’re also proudly talking of the benefits of owning one – which is again a step forward to receiving acceptance and opinions of other people using them.

The bottom line is that there’s a lot more room for creativity when all other barriers are down.

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