Fake watches are gaining popularity across the world, mainly emerging economies like China and India. According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH), fake watches industry is already a multi-billion dollar industry. The data released by the FH suggest that custom seizures of fake watches jumped to $653 million in 2016, meaning the industry is almost 10 times bigger. 

According to industry estimates, over 40 million replica and fake watches are produced annually and the majority, almost 25%, comes from the bastion Switzerland. The booming online business with the global delivery operation is making it simple for buyers to buy fake watches and get it delivered at home. 

The counterfeit watch industry is booming, but why? Who is buying these watches, knowing fully that they are buying fake watches? What kind of gratification does one get by wearing a fake watch? Is it just a matter of symbolic association with the iconic brands like Rolex and Cartier or sense of aspirational gratification? The computer-aided designing has made extremely easy to re-create the identical copy of the original, making it tough for the common eye to detect the difference. An amazingly designed identical watch at a fraction of the cost of the original makes it the best buy product. This is why 15-30% of total watch searches online is for fake watches.

Is it worthy to spend money on fake watches? 

Frankly, if you keep the moral and legal aspect aside, then buying fake watches is a good move. If you do simple math, this is a great investment with amazing cognitive, social and financial returns. Here are some of the reasons why it is worthy to spend money on replica watches: 

Aspirational Gratification 

It is very natural to aspire for the best. A luxury watch is an ornament that gives you the desired satisfaction. You love branded watch because it is considered valuable. Unfortunately, we all are not fortunate enough to afford the original. So, fake watches help you fulfill your aspiration and keep you motivated to get the original one day. You know it is fake, but it gives you the pleasure of unknown satisfaction.  


You love branded watches for its amazing design and craftsmanship. Your favorite brand is costly because of the effort that goes in the making it perfect not just in outlook but inside also. Your fake watch might not give you the world-class quality of the movement, case-back, date zoom, mainspring, balance wheel, the escapement, and gear train, but it will give you an identical look. The craftsmanship is admired by people, which makes you socially important. 

Sense of Achievement 

You might have heard about the placebo effect and how our mind responds to treatment. Same goes with watches you wear. Although you know your watch is fake, it gives you an amazing sense of achievement as it is linked with some moment you cherish. It keeps you hooked to your goal and pushes you to try harder so that you could buy the original one day. 

 Proximal Beauty 

We are conditioned to appreciate beauty with full knowledge of the fact that it is always relative in context. Unfortunately, there isn’t a second Mona Lisa. It doesn’t mean there is no other beauty. Despite all your wealth, you cannot get the original Mona Lisa. So, you should get something that is equally beautiful. Your fake watch gives you the satisfaction of proximity to the best. Choose a watch that matches your personality. 

Celebrate Occasion 

Our life is a collection of beautiful memories. We should cherish all the good moments with mementos. A branded watch could be a great piece of luxury in your collection of memories. Naturally, you cannot spend a huge amount every time, so a great replica watch could help you build your collection for all types of occasions. 

 Value for Money 

Genuine watches of great brands are the best investment option just like your collection of jewelry. If you see this in the context of buying fake watches at a fraction of the cost of the original, you save a handsome amount that you can invest in other tools from where you can earn real returns. You are exactly looking replica of the original give you everything except the originality. So, it is a wise decision to spend relatively less money on fake watches and buy several of them for different occasions. 

Zero Safety Concern

You precious collection of luxury watches requires special attention because of its value. You always remain hooked to the idea of safety and security of your watch. On the other hand, your fake watch keeps you away from such worries. You can take your little bit of risk of jumping in the pool with your fake watch. 

Identity Boost   

Accessories are an extension of your personality. Good looking branded watch, matching your personality, boosts your aura and helps you build a reputation in public. Your fake watch gives your identity a contemporary look. Rolex in your hand gives you the desired space in public. It gives seriousness to your personality, making you more authoritative and impactful. If you have a good collection of fake watches, you can change them according to the need of the occasion. If you are in the sports arena, you can wear bold, sporty watches and if you are in some business space you can weal sleek watches. A good watch on your wrist makes you punctual and perfect. If you are a negotiation table, your luxury watch gives you the upper hand. 

Your watch will remain original until you announce that it is a fake watch. It is up to you, how you use it with what kind of intent and purpose. If your goal is the style statement, then going for fake watches and change it as the fashion changes. The only thing that matters at the end is the moral barrier of using something that is considered illegal. If you are fine with that, then time is yours!