It is often heard that time and tide wait for nobody. This implies that time is very precious and so it should be utilized properly, as the time that passes by never returns. Watches are something that represents and reflects the time. The tradition of wearing watches is in fashion for ages and people have many varieties in watches these days. Like clothes and jewelry, the fashion of watch is also getting improvised with time. 

In today’s world, the cost of a luxury watch is equivalent to a piece of jewelry. A real luxury watches can not be afforded by common people however they are very pretty in looks. These days it is not difficult to produce a copy of anything. The copy of real luxury watches is also there in the market. However, the replica watches can never compensate for the taste of real watches.

What is a replica watch? 

Replica or fake watches are the unauthorized or duplicate copy of the real and authentic watches. Generally, the luxury watches are copied and then the clone of the real luxury watches are sold in the market as clone watches. Usually, brands like Rolex, Bvlgari, and Cartier are copied and the duplicates are sold at lower rates in the markets. 

What is the difference between the real and the counterfeit watches?

No matter how much the duplicate watchmakers try to copy and produce replica or copy watches, they can never match the product quality of the real watches. The real watches have their shine and aura which the fake watches can never gain. The packing of original watches also adds to the pricing of the watches and of course to their beauty. The prices of the original watches are way higher than the imitation watches. If you want to distinguish between a real and a counterfeit watch then compare the quality and the prices, you will automatically get to know the difference between the two.

The real luxury watches are made up of:

  • Stainless steel, typically 316L or even better like for example Rolex makes use of 904L stainless steel 
  • Real gold, typically 18k
  • Genuine titanium, typically grade 5
  • Original platinum, typically 950
  • Genuine diamonds and gemstones
  • Real leather

On the other hand, duplicate watches can be identified from:

  • Spelling mistakes and incorrect logos
  • Bracelet does not fit the case properly
  • Crooked text or sloppy font
  • Peeling or flaking materials
  • Loud ticking sound 
  • Cheap and flimsy bracelet clasps that don’t close
  • Unequal spacing between letters
  • Unsigned clasps, crowns, dials, or case back

What are the advantages of buying replica watches?

Following are the advantages of buying replica watches: 

  • The price is less and so even the common people can buy them.
  • It works well so for those who just want to make their wish or desire true by wearing luxury watches, clone watches are like some gift that they get at low price.
  • The price is less so even if it is lost then you do not have to suffer from a huge loss. 

What are the disadvantages of buying replica watches? 

Following are the cons of buying the duplicate watches: 

  • Most of the luxurious watches have a copyright on their products so when you make a duplicate copy of it then it is illegal and so the people who produce such watches, as well as those who buy such watches, could be punished under the law of copyright violation. They can simply be in a problem if they get caught.
  • If you are found wearing a fake watch then you may have to compensate for violating the copyright laws and your watch could also be seized. 
  • The life and the quality of the fake watches are not long and so they start to look very ugly after a point of time and the functioning also dismantles. 
  • There is hardly any warranty or free services with fake watches. 
  • Replica watches may not be accurate to your hand size and the bracelets may be made of some irritating and cheap materials. 

 So, it can be very evidently concluded that replica watches are not worth buying and they can never be compared with the real watches. They, however, have some benefits but the benefits do not make the replica watches worth buying.