We’re a handful of internet people that got united because of our passion for watches. First it was the way they looked on a wrist, then it became a hobby and now we’re turning our hobby into everyday life. Or at least we’re hoping to get closer to that with this website.

We believe that appreciation should be done first and foremost based on feels and looks, quality and functionality. And if they’re the best of the best, it doesn’t have to mean that they also have to be the most expensive.

Even though we appreciate the beauty of each watch and we feel that each is unique, the replicas have startled us the most so far. One of the reasons is the wide variety so nicely spread throughout the world. It’s like they’ve never been so close to all corners of the world like they are nowadays.

We’ve taken this big step of creating authority for proudly talking about replica watches, for wearing them without second thoughts and we’ve hopeful that soon we’ll be able to guide you to some of the best online stores that commercialize them.

Our aim, which we hope to always follow, is to bring you news and interesting details on what we find in our online research, whether it’s through shop recommendations, watches reviews or just insight articles.