Although there are high end 1:1 replica Rolex watches, the less quality fakes have a number of common flaws, in this article Replica Leader will try to cover which elements have inaccuracies and how to spot them.

1. Out of the box, the easiest way to detect a fake without taking the watch apart, is by the CRYSTAL:

The crystal on the authentic date-model has a date bubble with a 2.5x times cyclops magnification and thus the date looks very big in the bubble. The fakes often have only a 1.5x times magnification and the date looks much smaller.

2. Triplock winding Crown(i.e. Submariner, Sea-Dweller and Daytona: Many fakes with winding triplock crown do not screw in precisely and get stuck and lack the rubber seal needed to make it perfectly water and dust proof. Authentic Rolex watches screw in smoothly and have a visible o-ring seal that seals the watch watertight. Although many counterfeit manufacturers started adding this feature to their watch, upon closer examination is easy to determine that it’s mostly cosmetic and not functional.

The Rolex crown is one of the most important elements to check for authenticity, since is a small piece in which Rolex invest a lot of attention, while not many replica Rolex manufacturers do.

Another weak point in the Crown is the integrity of it. Using an eye-glass you can spot that the authentic Rolex will have the Crown make from one solid piece, while on the replica watch it can be glued.

Pay attention to the signs below the Crown, it should be present and should match the crown mechanism of the specific model.

3. Bezel: Fakes often have larger notches, respectively the bezel is looser than it should be. The bezel should have 60 tight clicks and should be lined up perfectly with the markers on the dial.

4. Engravings: Rolex is always making nice, clear solid engravings. Pay attention to them, the replica Rolex manufacturers often neglect this important aspect of the watch.

5. Illumination: It’s already a rare thing to see even a replica Rolex without illuminated hands and dial elements, but it’s an easy to check feature that can refute the authenticity suspicion immediately.

6. Sweeping second hand: Inexpensive counterfeit Rolex watches often use Quartz movement, which is known for “ticking”, while authentic movements are mechanical and are sweeping(mostly 8 bits per second).

7. Weight: If you inspect a questionable Rolex Watch, a jewelry scale is a must. Compare the weight of the watch with the weight states in original specifications.

8. Bracelets: Authentic use screws instead of pins that look like screws. Many good fakes use screws as well.

9. Divers Extension: Authentic Submariner models have the extra fold out or Glidelock extension to go over a wetsuit. Make sure the watch you are inspecting has the proper extension.